• Destiny Elliott

You Know You Need PR When...

A business without public relations is like chaos waiting to happen.

PR is an unspoken unit that protects the image of any college you attend, grocery store you shop at and clothing brand you wear. It is so embedded into our everyday lives that people either don't know that it exists or don't feel like investing in it for the sake of their business. Look at it like this: if a customer goes viral on the internet from a disappointing post made about your products, how will you respond? Or better yet, what reputation do you want for your business?

Check out these signs that you need to hire a public relations representative.

✓ You want to build relationships with media outlets, such as radio

✓ You want to collaborate with other businesses

✓ You want to plan an event

✓ You want to prevent and recover from crises

✓ You want to publish press releases

✓ You want to engage with your target audience, such as newsletters

✓ You want to draft speeches for engagements

✓ You want to promote your products and services

✓ You want to remain relevant

✓ You want to increase profits and sales

If you checked off at least one of these necessities, public relations is the next investment that you need to make for the success and longevity of your business. Click here to get started!

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