What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the World's Most Admired Woman

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has become a permanent inspiration in nationwide communities as she is named World's Most Admired Woman.

One of the tools that contributed to this success is her book called "Becoming", which was published in 2018.

Her accomplishments are lessons that entrepreneurs can study, analyze and use to develop business structures. If you own a business, ask yourself these questions she has proven capable of answering:


What do you enjoy doing?

Passion produces purpose. Michelle expanded her role as wife of former President Barack Obama to advocate women and children and promote social justice as a part of her brand.


What does your target audience need?

Products are a plus if you are a personal brand! She went beyond technology and produced a tangible and non-tangible item that people have access to for forever.


Where do you need to go?

Networking mixers are not always the answer. After her book lined bookstore shelves, Michelle set out on a book tour and hit local airwaves during her stay.

Michelle is on a nonstop journey to share her personal story and embrace humanity. To purchase her book or learn more about her, visit her website.

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