• Destiny Elliott

What Dolly Parton's Meme Challenge Proves About Target Audiences

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Singer and songwriter Dolly Parton is trending on social media after posting a meme, which consists of a photo collage, that represents how she portrays herself on different social media accounts. "Get you a woman who can do it all," says Parton. While social media users reenacted how multi-faceted they also present themselves on certain apps, we looked at the bigger picture of how knowing your target audience is important.

We put together ways to define your target audience via your favorite apps for business.

DEMOGRAPHICS: your clients' backgrounds

  • Age

  • Location

  • Gender

  • Income Level

  • Education Level

  • Marital or Family Status

  • Occupation

  • Ethnic Background

PSYCHOGRAPHICS: your clients' mindsets

  • Personality

  • Attitudes

  • Values

  • Interests/Hobbies

  • Lifestyles

  • Behavior

Each of these descriptions can be calculated on apps like Hootsuite, Google Analytics or in the Insights tab of the apps you use.

You also may want to ask yourself: will my target really benefit from my product/service? Can I reach them with my message? Once you know who you are engaging with on social media, half of your marketing job is done. Click this link to view our CEO's rendition of the #SocialMediaChallenge.

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