• Destiny Elliott

Social Media Holidays that You Should Add to your March Calendar

If you thought that major holidays at the beginning of the year only consisted of Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day, think twice! Social media holidays are days on social media when users celebrate particular people or products through marketing campaigns and/or a simple social media post and hashtag such as #HappyIWantYouToBeHappyDay on March 3. These holidays may be new to you but large corporations have always taken advantage of their power to increase social media engagement and recruit creative influencers!



  • World Compliment Day – March 1

  • Jewel Day – March 13

  • Lips Appreciation Day – March 16

  • Fragrance Day – March 21



No matter which industry of business you are in, there is a social media holiday on this list that you can post about! For example, celebrating #WorldCaregiver Day could look like creating a graphic on Canva then tagging all of the caregivers you know in the caption. Happy March!

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