• Destiny Elliott

If You Are Reading This, Good Luck with Finals

Coffee, the library and study guides are a part of college students' daily routine at this point of the school semester. Final exams and projects are due while there is still work, organizations and leisure activities to be devoted to. We put together three tips that creates balance and guarantees A+ grades that all hardworking students deserve.

Put Your Phone on DND (Do Not Disturb!)

Putting your phone on Do Not Disturb, or powering it off, reduces distractions. Consider telling your family and/or friends that you will be MIA for a few hours so they are not worried.

Take Control of Time

Do not spend 24 hours studying for one exam when you can divide your time into increments. For example, you can dedicate three hours to studying for an intense exam, two hours to writing an essay, one hour to relax and 10-30 minutes to eating and internet gazing.

Dress Up

Between completing multiple finals and feeling overwhelmed, it is easy to dress in anything you see in your closet at first sight. Increase your confidence by styling an outfit, wearing your favorite hat or putting on your best lipstick.

With these helpful tips, you are in for manageable time and a boosted self-esteem! Let us know if these things helped you by commenting below your results. Good luck with finals, students!

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