• Destiny Elliott

A Beginners Guide to Choosing the Right Brand Colors for Your Logo

Whether you know it or not, your brand colors tell a story! Many of the logos of companies that you know well endured a purposeful process up until they were launched. For example, McDonalds' logo is a golden "M" and an orange paint splatter represents Nickelodeon. From their distinctive colors to symbols, logos are designed to make an emotional and phycological appeal to its consumers.

We created a guide to choosing the right brand color(s) in relation to your industry.


Represents: Happiness, Warmth, Innovation, Caution

The color yellow is warm and perceives the feeling of happiness, warmth and relaxation. It is most commonly used by automotive and food industries.


Represents: Natural, Healthy, Renewal, Plentiful

Green is the color of nature and it gives a calming effect while representing growth. It is mainly used to represent eco-friendly companies and businesses revolving around agriculture, recycling and gardening.


Represents: Professionalism, Authority, Power, Loyalty

Blue creates a sense of security while showing loyalty and professionalism. This color is used by businesses related to finance, government and banks.


Represents: Luxury, Celebration, Education, Elegance

The color purple represents royalty, feminism and beauty. It is primarily used by religious institutes and educational organizations.


Represents: Passion, Love, Health, Excitement

Red logos grab customer attention. The energetic color is used by food, health, beauty and entertainment industries.


Represents: Vibrant, Playful, Happy, Artistic

Orange is a color that oftentimes evoke an appetite while exuding a sense of creativity and energy. It is mainly used in the food, art and sports industries.


Represents: Pure, Peaceful, Spiritual, Clean

The color white is neutral and implies purity. Most times, it is the essential color in negative spacing logos like Adobe, a design software.


Represents: Feminism, Innocence, Youth, Beauty

Pink is a playful and innocent color. It is primarily used by beauty and fashion businesses.


Represents: Reliable, Solid, Masculine, Earthly

The color brown is a neutral color that is solid and dependable. It is commonly used by agriculture, construction and legal industries.

Now, do you see how and why brand colors are so important? If you are inspired by what they do, let us design your purposeful logo. Click this link to start creating!

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