• Destiny Elliott

7 Ways to Save Your Student Refund Check

Student refund checks and dropping and so are the stomachs of college students who could not wait for this time of the semester!

It is common to cash out on large sums of money when homework requires textbook purchases, extracurricular payments are required and rent must be paid. It seems as if something is ALWAYS DUE so refund checks are blown before students ever get a chance to prioritize their wants versus their needs and adopt wealthy saving habits.

We put together some tips that students can use to make their refund checks last for as long as they stay committed.

  1. PAY YOURSELF FIRST by setting aside funds for your savings account.

  2. SET FINANCIAL GOALS each day of the month so that there is a strength in the numbers of your savings' amount next year.

  3. BUY THE BOOK(S) that you truly need and not the book(s) that you can share with an accountable classmate.

  4. PAY OFF credit card balances and any outstanding charges that hinder you from being debt-free.

  5. DONATE to an organization or cause that you care about.

  6. SPOIL YOURSELF by planning a day of self-care, which may include scheduling a spa massage or reading the book that keeps collecting dust.

  7. INVEST IN YOUR IDEA by talking to us about how it can advance into a business.

We challenge you to accomplish each of these seven goals each week until November 1. Post about how you will purposefully spend and save by using the hashtag #ReasoningMyRefund and mentioning us @sheisdestinye.

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