• Destiny Elliott

5 Ways Working from Home Reduces Workplace Stress

By now, you are accustomed to being your own boss, alarm clock and agenda–setter after social distancing from home for 2–3 weeks. Whether you already knew it or not, remote jobs are in high demand before they were mandatory, especially for jobs in IT. People have been churning coffee in their kitchens, making money while in bed and even taking care of children in the comfort of their homes while everyone else is on their way to work at 9:00 am. While some people prefer reporting to a workplace everyday, up to 60 percent of other employees choose not to in order to reduce stress. Here's why!

1. No Micro–managers Over Here

Say goodbye to people being over your shoulder at every minute of the hour! You become your personal motivational coach to complete tasks.

2. Move At Your Own Paste

Finished your assignments early? No problem! This is an opportunity for you to start on the next day's work so that your mornings are stress–free and relaxing.

3. Limitless Lunch Breaks

Greens! Beans! Tomatoes! Potatoes! YOU NAME IT! Instead of warming up quick dinners, you can enjoy a full course breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner on your clock.

4. Wear What You Want

What better outfit to wear while working other than pajamas? None! Keep your heels and suits in your closet because you are able to even wear a robe if you feel like it.

5. Handle Important Matters

Stepping out from your office to privately make doctor's appointments and check on your family is old news! You can now set aside time to handle real–life situations.

Have we convinced you enough that work remotely equals living your best life? If so, comment below about your work–changing experience!

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