• Destiny Elliott

5 Profitable Ways to Show Your Customers Love for Valentine's Day

The holiday season never comes to an end because millions of business ads continue to surface the internet for any, and every, holiday. One of those businesses can be yours for Valentine's Day because 9 times out of 10, your customers are also looking for ways to fulfill their everyday needs and nurture the businesses they are passionate about!

From exclusive deals to engaging marketing campaigns, we put together 10 ways that you can spread love while reaping the benefits.

  • SPREAD THE WORD = increase social media engagement

Post a list of your services and/or inspirational quote(s) and encourage your followers to tag someone that they love in the comments below.


Customers need love too! Create a discount code for a particular products and/or service and offer it to new and returning customers

  • CREATE AN AESTHETIC = attract users

An aesthetic = A VIBE. Create a mood board via Pinterest that relates to Valentine's Day, love and companionship. Colors like pink, red and purple are more like it!

  • HOST A GIVEAWAY = gain new followers

Everybody loves a good giveaway! Design must–have + non-tangible digital services and/or physical love token contest on social media. Rules can include tagging someone they love, following your page and/or re-posting your content.

  • PARTNER WITH A BUSINESS = expand target audience

T'is the season of sharing love! Partner with a business that is mutually beneficial to your company and collaborate on a joint giveaway.

Love is in the air and so is the opportunity for you to embrace it while doing what you love! From NOW until February 14, save 20% off a logo and/or 100 business cards when you: (1) Share this blog post on social media then (2) tag @deprandmarketingfirm in the caption.

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