5 Indoor Plants for First-Time Plant Parents

With more time spent indoors due to the pandemic, people are discovering enjoyable ways to bring life into their homes. One of the most popular home decor hobbies is plant–keeping. This may seem like just another time–consuming responsibility around the house but with plants like the Golden Pothos and English Ivy, becoming a plant parent is as easy as adding the perfect low–maintenance plants to your shopping cart.

1. Golden Pothos

  • Care: grows in low sunlight + water once a week or when required

2. Monstera

  • Care: keep in humid environment + avoid excessive re–potting

3. Snake Plant

  • Care: keep in medium light + water every 2 to 6 weeks

4. Spider Plant

  • Care: water until an inch of soil is dry + keep in room temperatures

5. Aloe Vera

  • Care: water every 2 to 3 weeks + place in full sun

Each of these beginner–friendly plants will have you going to a nursery for five but walking out with ten! They are all similar in simple care practices, making it easy for you to be the booked and busy plant parent you always wanted to be. Do you need more guidance with caring for your new and/or existing plants? Comment below, and we will help you out.

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