5 Beginner Tips for Creating Content on Canva

You know what they say: content is key! People are more likely to engage on social media pages that show consistency and effort. Using Canva is like being a kid in a candy store because the app merges traditional and the latest marketing tools that every business needs. From business cards and brochures to Facebook banners and Instagram Story flyers, entrepreneurs are stepping their marketing game up.

1. Create A Look

A part of your brand identity is what people see when they scroll down your social media feed. Upload brand colors by its code or create some while you’re at it. You can even upload as many version of your logo as you want. Hint: A transparent logo is a bonus because it can be placed on any graphic! Lastly, find at least four fonts that appeal to what you do.

2. Build A Virtual Office

Making edits to graphics seems like a never-ending job when you are working with a team of creatives. Save that stress by inviting members by email and receive live updates about what they are working on. You can also add comments to whichever section that needs work.

3. Rely on Templates

Templates are like best friends to entrepreneurs who are booked and busy! On days that you need instant graphics, all you have to do is swap out information and get announcements to your audience in no time.

4. Print For FREE

Why make a run to the post office when your graphics can be sent to your door steps? This is beneficial for entrepreneurs who don’t like the hassle of going through third parties. Guess what! You can receive FREE five-day shipping.

5. Upload Straight to Social Media

The work doesn’t stop after a graphic is created. NOW, it is time for the world to see your beautiful investment. Connect your social media channels, add a caption on site and voilà! You have executed content at no cost at all!

Don’t get me wrong– hiring a graphic designer is an investment into your brand’s image and marketing scheme, however, you must know which projects need in-depth editing or not. Visit Canva to start designing!

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