• Destiny Elliott

3 Ways to Build an Instagram Community

Instagram is making it easier and easier for entrepreneurs to form communities at their fingertips!

Some people use the app to scroll for leisure while creatives are constantly adopting ways to create a sense of belonging for their target audience. At this point of digital technology, there isn't an app in the world with a feature that you can't re-purpose into a marketing tactic. Three ways that you can get to know your public on Instagram with the help of three key features: following hashtags, creating Close Friends and subscribing to alerts.


Hashtags are powerful tools that allows you to keep track of your social media presence. Encourage your audience to follow your signature hashtags to interact with you and to connect with everyone else who uses them.

Invitation Only!

Close Friends are exactly what they are! This customizable group allows you to share private messages with a select group of people. If you are interested in having members for your business, this is a starting point.

Don't Miss A Beat!

Encouraging your audience to subscribe to your Instagram profile makes it easy for them to keep up with your every move, especially if you offer frequent giveaways. These notifications pop up just like a text message alerts so checking your page becomes apart of their everyday routine.

Virtual communities are important to have because it allows you and your audience to connect from wherever they are and your social media interaction stays at an all-time high. Join Our Community on Instagram by following and subscribing to @deprandmarketingfirm and comment below your Instagram handle if you would like to join our Close Friends.

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