3 Apps to Manage Your Bills and Chores at Home

No one warned us that the freedom of working from home in this day in age requires being an all–in–one teacher, cook, spouse and maid. The most common myth about #wfh is that people work peacefully and conveniently amid household duties. However, those duties become 9–5 shifts too, especially because everyone else is home. Here are three apps that you should use to make these roles more organized and less overwhelming!


Washing dishes, vacuuming floors and cooking dinner does not have to be left up to you when you download OurHome. This app allows families to manage household chores with the help of a synchronized calendar and motivational rewards!


More time at home means more savings! Manage your account balances and online spending with an organized budget on Mint. This apps tracks expenses, such as home, food & dining and health & medical.

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse educates children aged two to 13 on subjects from English and Math to Social Studies and Art. Enjoy the first month of free fun games, cool books and creative puzzles for your busy child while you get things done around the house.

Working from home does not have to be a hassle when you have the help of these three apps. Let us know what you will give a try in the comments below!

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